Pressure Control Valve

In a hydraulic system, there must always be a component that keeps the pressures produced safely below a desired upper limit or that maintains a set pressure in part of a circuit throughout operation. This is what a pressure control valve is used for and it helps to relieve, reduce, sequence or unload fluid pressure; sub plate and in-line mounted options are available.

Pressure Control Valve 2

There are a range of hydraulic control valves and the most common valves include: relief pressure control valve, reducing pressure control valve, sequence pressure control valve, counterbalance pressure control valve, and unloading pressure control valve. All of these are usually closed valves, except for reducing pressure control valves, which are usually open.

Other types of control valve include: Back pressure relief valves, electronically operated pressure control valves,  microprocessor controlled pressure control valves, motor controlled pressure control valves, non-relieving pressure reducing valves, pilot operated integral pilot pressure controls, pilot operated remote pilot pressure control valves, pressure regulators, self-relieving pressure reducing pressure control valves, solenoid pressure control valves, stainless steel pressure control valves, sub-base mounted pressure control valves and time delay pressure control valves.

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